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Injured in a Car Crash, What Should I Expect

I’ve been injured in a car crash, what should I be aware of going forward?

What to Expect after a Car Accident Injury

If you were injured in a car crash  that was not your fault, and you make a claim, your can expect the following:

  1. Your medical history will be an open book
  2. Your social media accounts will be subject to inspection
  3. You will have to invest time and money to pursue your claim
  4. You will need competent and aggressive representation

What Gets Investigated After a Car Accident Injury

Let me break the previous list in more detail.

  1. MEDICAL HISTORY: If you suffered an injury to your body, your medical history prior to the injury may be investigated. If you had a history of back pain and related treatment, that history and treatment will be fair game for investigation to determine whether and how much your pre-exiting condition was impacted or contributed to the injuries you claim were caused by the crash  that is the subject  of your lawsuit. In some cases, this can go back decades prior to the date of the injury caused by the crash  you were in. There is an old saying in the law that, “the defendant must take the plaintiff as he finds him/her,” meaning the jury must compensate you for your injuries even if an ordinary person would not have been susceptible to the same injury. Think of the difference between a frail elderly person versus a NFL linebacker being involved in a crash . The fact that the elderly person is more susceptible to a serious injury than an NFL linebacker actually does not factor into whether you are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA: If you are an avid user of social media, such Facebook, Meta, Instagram, etc., your postings on any social network website may be fair game for discovery by opposing counsel. A good rule of thumb to avoid complicating your claim is not to post anything about your crash  or your injuries on social media.
  3. COST OF TIME: A lawsuit requires your attention. Although the bulk of the work is done by your attorney, he or she will need your input each step of the way. You should expect to assist your attorney each step of the way in preparing your case and getting it ready for settlement or trial. Your attorney is there to guide you and maximize your recovery. Listen to your attorney.
  4. LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Insurance companies have a lot of money. They have lots of money because when it comes to fair compensation in a personal injury claim against one of their insureds, they try to minimized the monetary damages they have to pay. Some companies are notorious for cutthroat tactics to this end. This is understandable when you consider the fact that insurance companies are for-profit business that answer to their shareholders. The do not exist as tax-deductible charity organizations. For this reason, you need able and aggressive representation by an experienced attorney. Some folks are put off by the aggressive pursuit of money damages by plaintiff’s lawyers for their clients. They think personal injury lawyers are greedy, shifty and unethical; that lawsuits are somehow distasteful and undignified, that we should all just get along. These ideas are quaint but counterproductive when it comes to fair compensation you deserve for your injures. One does not bring a water pistol to a nuclear war.

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