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Understanding Comparative Negligence

Description: Comparative negligence is a legal doctrine used to allocate fault among parties involved in an accident. Under this principle, each party’s level of responsibility for the accident is assessed, and their compensation is adjusted accordingly. Key Points: Oregon’s Modified Comparative Negligence Rule Description: Oregon follows a modified comparative negligence rule. This rule allows injured […]

Top 5 Myths About Personal Injury Claims Debunked

Personal injury claims can be complicated and intimidating, especially with the numerous myths surrounding them. These misconceptions often deter individuals from seeking the compensation they deserve. In this blog, we address and debunk the top five myths about personal injury claims, providing clarity and factual information for potential clients in Troutdale, Oregon. Myth 1: Personal […]

Understanding Your Rights: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Injury Claims in Troutdale, Oregon

Accidents can be life-altering, leading to physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial burdens. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence in Troutdale, Oregon, understanding your rights and the personal injury claim process is crucial. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of personal injury law, your rights as an injured party, and the […]

The Role of Evidence in Building a Strong Personal Injury Case

When pursuing a personal injury claim, the strength of your case hinges largely on the quality and quantity of evidence you can present. Evidence is crucial in establishing the facts of the incident, proving liability, and demonstrating the extent of your damages. Here’s an in-depth look at the types of evidence that are vital in […]

Comparative Negligence

Comparative Negligence, which is the law in Oregon, is a legal doctrine that developed across the country in response to the harsh and draconian doctrine of contributory negligence. Under contributory negligence, if you were at all at fault in the cause of an accident, you were denied recovery. This harsh doctrine still abides in 5 […]

Injury Settlements and Taxes

Personal Injury Proceeds Generally Not Taxable If you have been injured in a car crash, slip and fall, assault, dog bite or any other type of personal injury claim, the money paid to you, by either judgment or settlement, is not taxable. This applies to money you receive for medical bills and expenses, lost income […]

Injury Settlements

How Injury Settlements Work Did you know that over 95% of all injury cases settle before trial? Why is that? The judicial system heavily favors the private settlement of civil disputes. It eases the caseload burden on the court system by reducing time consuming and costly litigation.  Evidentiary rules prohibitions against the use of statements […]

Premises Liability Injuries

What is “Premises Liability”? A premises liability claim is simply a claim against the owner of property for injuries that occur on property due to a hazard existing on the property. It could be a slippery floor, ice on a walkway, a defective staircase, a railing that was not up to code. It could be […]

PIP Coverage Issues

Personal Injury Protection Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is no-fault insurance coverage for injuries and lost income arising from an automobile accident. Every policy of private car insurance is required to have PIP coverage. PIP insurance covers up to $15000 in medical, dental, hospital, surgical, ambulance and prosthetic services, and 70 per cent of your […]

Injured in a Car Crash: What do I do?

I was injured a car crash that was not my fault. What do I need to do? To Do List After a Car Crash Get the name, address and contact information of the at-fault driver. File a crash report with the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. Get the insurance information for the at-fault driver’s vehicle. […]